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Manager, Stylist

Zahli was born and raised in little Charters Towers where she started her school based apprenticeship. She moved to Townsville the day before she started at Cee Hair and has been here ever since! Zahli has been in the industry for over 7 years now and has been promoted into the position of manager. She loves all aspects of her career but most importantly she values her clients immensely and strives to help them feel like their most beautiful selves!

Get to know Zahli:

What's your ideal weekend? 

I love nothing more than a slow, relaxing weekend - whether that's heading back to the Towers for some family time, hanging with my friends at home or going to bingo on a Sunday morning (yes, I'm an oldie at heart).


I live a very slow and mellow life!



Senior stylist

Mimi is 24 years old and has recently moved to Townsville all the way from the UK! Shes been in the hair dressing industry since 2018 and has been able to continue her passion here at the lovely Cee Hair - The Salon. 

Get to know Mimi:

What's your idea of fun? 

I love to travel and experience new things. Hopefully I get to explore a lot more of Australia too! My Idea of fun is beach days and BBQ's spent with friends in the Sun!


2nd year apprentice

Kaylee was born is 2004 and grew up in Rollingstone and still can't get enough of the beach! She started her career in hairdressing in year 11 as a school based apprentiship and the rest is history! Her favorite part of hairdressing is making people feel amazing and the satisfaction that creates! 

Get to know Kaylee:

What's your favorite hobby?

I absaloutely love to go camping any time i can! Who doesn't love waking up to the sound of the ocean (while getting attacked by mozzies)?


1st year apprentice

Bella was born in Townsville in 2007 and recently left high school to begin her full-time apprenticeship at Cee Hair! She's learning quickly and is an asset to our team. 

Get to know Bella:

What do you love about hairdressing? 

My favorite thing about hairdressing is the different types of styles and colours you can achieve to change your whole look. Leaving school to pursue my career in hairdressing was the best choice for me. I love getting dressed up for the day and coming into work to learn from the girls in the Salon. 


We are currently looking for a fully qualified stylist! This could be where your photo goes! Give the salon a call to introduce yourself and get info to apply!

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