Carly Frunks

Owner, Manager, Stylist

Carly was born in August 1991. Started hairdressing in January 2009. Married Kyal in August 2014. Became the owner of Colours Hair in November 2014, had her first born boy Cash in October 2016 and her second born boy Sonny in December 2019.

I started my hairdressing carer in 2009. I became the owner of Colours Hair in 2014 and have never looked back.

When I was a girl I always went with my Mum to the hairdressers and it looked so glamorous. From the stylist's luscious hair, glowing smile and laugh to the way their acrylic nails sounded on the key board at the checkout. When I started working I loved being creative and having fun. I then learned that it felt amazing making people feel good about themselves. I take pride in every head of hair that walks out of my salon door.

I can help make everyone's hair dreams come true but I also specialize in natural curls and clients who put the integrity of their hair first.


Jaz Cowe

Senior Stylist

Jaz was burnin 1994 and grew up on a rural farm. She started hairdressing in 2009 and moved to Townsville in 2015.

Ever since I started as a “tea and tidy” at my first salon in Mission Beach, my passion for hair has grown. I love helping people feel the confidence within themselves and to help them express their individuality.


I’ve also completed my cert III in beauty and have taken multiple extension courses with Kevin Murphy, Matrix, Keune, L’Oréal, and many more amazing brands to expand my knowledge. Not only to help create everyone’s dream hair but to help people care for their hair as best as possible at home.


I live for new styles, trends, and “whacky” hair. 

I specialise in razor cuts, colourful hair, balayage, and microtape extensions. 


Bryony Larsen

Senior Stylist

Bryony was born in 1999 in Townsville. She has been in salons since the age of 14 and started her apprenticeship in 2016. She found Colours Hair in 2019 and never looked back. 

I was born into the industry. My mum has been a hairdresser her whole life and its all I know and love. 


Zahli Gough

Senior Stylist

Zahli was born in July 2000. Started school based hairdressing in home town of Charter Towers in 2016. Graduated High School on 2017. Moved to outback rural Queensland in 2018-2019, Moved to Townsville to start at Colours Hair in 2019 and love it.

I love all things up-styles, curls, colouring and insuring every client looks and feels their absolute best before walking about of the door. 

I aspire to become full of hair knowledge and tips to help educate clients so their hair can be as healthy and as beautiful as it should be.

My end goal is to ensure the integrity of my trusting clients hair. 

NOTE FROM THE BOSS- Zahli is laid back, easy to chat with and really truly cares. From your amazing hair all the way down to which chocolate she will choose to go with your coffee. Put your full faith in her and you will be rewarded.