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At Colours Hair we pride ourselves in using the top quality brand Matrix. Matrix have recently reformulated their colours and bleaches to have a built-in bonding system! What does this mean for you? It means longer lasting and more vibrant colours with stronger and more shiny hair! All of our colour prices include the build in bonder. If you haven't tried it before we cannot wait to show you the difference it can make! Read below to learn more about Bonding systems.




Bonding systems are traditionally added into hair colours and lightening products. Their purpose is to help keep the molecules of your hair bonded together and to balance your hair's PH levels while your colour is processing. Without using this product the molecules break up causing distressed hair. Using a bonding system means your hair will remain in better condition during and after the coloring and lightening process. Therefore resulting in longer lasting colour, more shiny hair and overall goodness!

Matrix have relaunched their colours and lighteners with built in bonder! This is amazing news for us and you and we can't wait to let you experience them!

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